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Our Process

We begin with a gourmet blend of bold, rich coffee which is spiced with a dash of freshly ground cinnamon for sweetness. Unlike the other guys we hot-brew [c’mon man, who makes coffee in cold water anyway?] then flash chill it to preserve the freshly-brewed taste. Finally, we prime our coffee with nitrogen gas to activate a silky, effervescent texture that makes your taste buds cock-a-doodle-do.

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Puro nitro coffee is brewed hot, flash-chilled  and infused with liquid nitrogen. Notes of cinnamon and chocolate.

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The Story of Puro Nitro

“The eager sound of the rooster’s crow pierced through the early morning calm. The sun had begun to peak slowly through the darkness as I sleepily opened my eyes. As the sound of the rural Texas alarm clock rang louder through our house, I stretched beneath the warm quilt in my bed, not quite ready to get up to start a day of work on the family ranch. Then I smelled the unmistakable scents of cinnamon, Mexican vanilla, mixed with the richness of freshly ground coffee beans…”

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